University of Science and Technology

General Pest Control

Arab Farmer adequately provided all necessary equipment, many pesticides (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides), and supplies against Indoor and outdoor populations of rats, mice, birds, snakes, cockroaches, ants, flies, Mosquitoes, and any other arthropod pests which located within KAUST buildings and premises.

Construction Period

2009 – 2013

Scope of Work

  • Integrated Pest management “IPM”, is the use for the management
    practices that present the lowest “risk” first, such as the exclusion of pests, sanitation methods, or the use of biological controls, while reserving the highest “risk” methods.
  • Services involve sanitation and usage of insecticides as needed ground for residual spraying indoor and outdoor by manual and motorized sprayer.
  • Modern hygienic techniques with ultra-safe, odorless and effective
    chemical application to be made to sites if infestation and suspects areas, mainly kitchen, toilet, drains, stores, common use place.
  • Rodent bait feeding stations are deployed throughout the outside and
    inside areas. All rodent feeding stations are “secured” in a manner
    acceptable in the pest control industry.
  • The disposal of dead rodent, dogs, and cats and so on to avoid putrefaction.

Head Office

Riyadh Branch

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