Haramain High Speed Rail

General Pest Control

Arab Farmer adequately provided all necessary equipment, many pesticides (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides), and supplies against Indoor and outdoor populations of rats, mice, birds, snakes, cockroaches, ants, flies, Mosquitoes, and any other arthropod pests which located within Haramain railway buildings, facilities and premises.

Construction Period

2014 – Present

Scope of Work

  • Integrated Pest management “IPM”, use of environmentally-sensitive pest management strategies and tactics at site. A holistic approach used to prevent and manage pest problems at acceptable levels through minimal use of pesticides while controlling the pests.
  • Inspection and assessment of all inside & outside the railway premises will be conducted on daily basis.
  • Comprehensive rodent baiting and trapping method will be applied in all inside & outside the railway premises including facilities and buildings.
  • Extensive spray treatment for crawling insects & breeding sites of flying will also be conducted in all outside areas including drainage & perimeter areas.
  • External fogging treatment for flying insects will be conducted on all outside area (open space).
  • Birds and wildlife hazard such as cats and dogs invaded the site are caged or trapped and sent away from the site and people.
  • The disposal of dead rodent, dogs, and cats and so on to avoid putrefaction.

Head Office

Riyadh Branch

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