Maintenance and other agricultural activities such as pruning, staking, trimming Cutting, fertilization, Control of pests and diseases, preventive spraying and control measures. Irrigation and plant protection are being done on daily basis up to sophisticated standards all serving to end up with the best quality of plants.
Arab Farmer specialists will maintain your plants of (Palm Trees, trees, shrubs and grass) and perform duty care while providing all tools, materials, equipment, fertilizers, vehicles and Engineers & labors
Includes Plant Protection: adopts Integrated pest Management (IPM) and a major element of IPM is the prevention of infestation against the below:

Observation & Background

Based on our solid background knowledge and experience in plantation, we are fully prepared to face any plantation related issue in Saudi Arabia. Throughout our 20 years of experience, we have observed that most plants are likely to have diseases and/or infections.

Main Common Issues

  • Soil: Symptoms of the plants show high ratio of Sodium and Chloride.

  • Tissue: Observed low level of major elements and high deficiency in Trace Elements (Zn, Cu, Mo, B and Mg).

  • Roots: Observed infestation with root knots Nematode, being more severe in Yellow trees. Nematode problem increases during summer mostly  in sandy soils causing the trees to weaken and explains the yellowing. Nematode also causes root infection such as Fusarium root which rots trees, khamedj disease which increases the Damage of the trees.

  • Insects, termite and (Fungal)Fusarium

Prevention Plan

We apply the following systematic pesticides for rehabilitating soil and plants of any kind and controlling all kinds of diseases / infections

Against all infection including Red palm weevil

Using Fungicides.

Using Insecticides

Using Herbicides

Analysis of soil (Soil ph, E.C, salt level sodium and chloride level)

Moreover, taking the environment of the pest into consideration as well as various control methods, a major element to prevent infestation includes the following activities:

  • Exclude or control destructive pests, diseases and weeds out of plants.

  • Exclude or control harmful insects, plant diseases and weeds.

  • Quarantine plants to ensure they are pest free.

  • Our team will follow a strict schedule of treatment and follow up treatments proposed by the site manager in site.

  • Supplementary treatment will be carried out whenever a need of such treatment arise. And qualified team will respond punctually to every emergency call made out.

Soil & Fertilizers Recommendations

  • Fertilizers program are preferably proposed after a complete soil analysis with a minimum of 3 samples obtained from site ground.
  • Supply Sweet Sand. (All imported soils from credible suppliers will be uncontaminated).
  • Soil bedding for the plant must be a mixture of sweet sand and conditioners as follow:
    1. Organic fertilizer (manures)
    2. Perlite
    3. Compound fertilizers N.P.K + trace elements (B, Cl, Cu, Zn, Mg and Mo)
    4. Organic fertilizers (Peat and Butting Soil)
    5. Minor elements and soil improvements
      • The TDS mix must be less 1000 ppm
      • Mix(Backfilling) is to be performed by a competent, trained individual in accordance with the best standards and practices relating to the trade and under the continuous supervision of an experienced foreman capable of interpreting the specifications.

Manpower, Equipment, Tools & Vehicles

We will be responsible for providing all needed engineers, laborers, tools, materials, equipment, fertilizers, vehicles required for the completion of the job.

Head Office

Riyadh Branch

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