Arab Farmer’s highly trained expert technician teams will carry out a Specialized disinfection service using globally tried and tested commercial high grade residual disinfectant. Application will be carried out through surface spray and or Ultra Low Volume Mist application methods. Sensitive surfaces such as electrical components may be wiped with the disinfectant.
Disinfecting all surfaces thoroughly is the safest way to remove the pathogens. For the highest levels of safety, Arab Farmer disinfection services offer the greatest protection, wearing the appropriate PPE, equipment and tools which all are fully approved.
Our service offering is not just a one time solution. We work with you to ensure that your facility has the highest level of hygiene and that your employees and customers are reassured that you are doing everything you can to protect them.

Types of Disinfection Services

Internal Disinfection

External Disinfection

Vehicle Disinfection

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Riyadh Branch

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